Piano Moving


This is very similar to packing but we have to dis include pianos from our packing service. They are just simply too big and it takes way longer to pack a piano. Pianos are normally very special to families and they need to be treated with the utmost respect and attention. The more time you spend packing a piano, the better chance it has of getting moved without damage. We have moved tons of pianos in the past without any problem and or damage. Most companies get them there in one piece but they will have a scratch or damage. Not our company. Even if it involves our office movers, we strive to make sure everything gets to the next location in one piece. We have trucks that are specifically designed for moving the pianos and a whole team dedicated to making sure that your piano will get to the next location flawless as can be. This is a newer service at our company, but we have still had a ton of people order it in the past few months/years.


A ton of people just choose to sell their piano when they move. There is no reason for that. You can easily move it and we are here to help. There isn’t one set up that we can’t figure out. The sooner you call us the better you are going to be though. We are going to have way more time to figure it out before you start moving which will increase the chance of it getting to the next location safely. Pianos are really fragile and they need to be treated with more care than a newborn baby. Let us handle your piano for your next move and give us a call today. We’ve been moving them for awhile now and are sure that we can help you out.

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